“I remember sitting in my garden at dusk and watching the fireflies come out. This is a phenomenon that does not happen in the West so being here in the East I enjoy it wildly.  As it gets darker the stars begin popping out and pretty soon the whole world is pulsating. From my perspective all of the stars are the same size as the fireflies. Everything is moving and alive and independent of me and beyond my control. I am an observer.”

 “I went hiking a lot in the Northwest where I spent most of my life before moving to Brooklyn NY. I would hike around Mt. Hood or the Columbia Gorge and often there would be clouds above. If I went to the Mt. Hood Lodge I could be above the clouds and looking out to the South, I could see the peaks of mountains all the way to California. However I could also be in the low laying clouds that raise up in the morning and look like mist or fog. When the light shines through them it looks like I can actually see molecules floating about. If it has freshly sprinkled and the sun comes through, the landscape resembles a million prisms of water drops everywhere. The idea of the world as molecules became a natural way to think.”